Please help us to break the taboo about possibly one of the world’s most tabooed disease…. Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). This is an extremely painful, debilitating, and chronic skin disease that nobody dares to talk about! That’s why HS patients feel the letters of HS switch places and become sh…. as in shhhhh….. All HS patients need your help to break the taboo, and the silence so that the MILLIONS of HS patients can get valued and clarification that can help to change their life. I am helping….. can you? The a #Shhhhhelfie and share with everyone. Don’t forget to add the hash tag #DonateAShh so come on everyone donate a shh today! This campaign was launched by the Danish patient association and I think it’s a brilliant way to raise awareness. #hsneedsacure #hs #hswarrior #hidradenitissuppurativaawareness