Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin disease which occurs as repeated outbreaks of sore pimples or abscesses, located on parts of the body where skin meets skin. Although HS is considered to be relatively common in the population, it is not well-known among the general population and many physicians. Many patients suffer in silence and are not aware of their diagnosis and treatment options.

HS as a condition has often been tabooed and overlooked. However, change is coming and the progress that has been made in understanding HS is now finally starting to materialise – not least within the field of HS research, which has never been more intensive than right now.

HS research is in rapid development. New knowledge, therapies and stronger cooperation between researchers, therapists and patient associations give hope to you and all those with HS.

The ambition of this publication is to gather and communicate the insights from both patients and specialists, since both perspectives are of major importance for HS understanding and treatment. We hope that this publication can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of HS among patients and relatives, and in this way, strengthen the cooperation and partnership between patients and physicians.

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